Can we truly unplug? Or is it enough to just plug in a different way?

Author: californiapc

If you had an idea for solar power while camping, hiking, climbing, traveling etc. and the means to do it would you? With the assumption that even when we are getting in touch with nature we are still plugged in to our technological driven society it only make sense that we should at least “plug in” in a more environmentally conscious way. 

A solar snow board that charges while boarding to then charge your phone, MP3 player, or whatever your device while you chill with your pals afterwards at the lodge?

A solar powered water purifier? Solar powered camping lights or lanterns? Imagine a Nook or tablet charging during the day while you are swimming, hiking or exploring, then ready to be used in the evening? 

What about the fact that anything that can be charged can basically be charged with a portable solar panel in one way or another?

What about a way to have your creature comforts for camping without the nasty loud generator emitting pollution and disrupting a camping sight? 

Would you use it? Would you encourage and be an advocate for a quiet camping experience in nature without going without? The sound of birds and water over gas powered generators and exhaust fumes sounds like a better deal to me! 

Creativity is endless and has infinite possibilities as does solar powered ideas, so why not be challenged? Be brave, be different, be inventive!

Boats, golf carts, lights, kayaks, cabins and cars are being lit, fueled and run by solar power, why can’t tents, RV’s, and motor homes? 

Isn’t it all about being out in nature and letting go of “the daily grind” while you are out hiking, camping, communing, rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, sleeping, reading… whatever it is that lets you just breath out in the forest or wilderness or beach or lake?

Of course it is, however isn’t it also true that we are all so hard wired these days of technology that maybe we can’t quite let go of it all? That even though we need the quiet and the birds and wind in the trees and sounds of rushing water, that at some point we will still need that “fix” of electronic gadgetry? 

Maybe it’s just one little game of Angry Birds, or a DVD movie on the laptop or some really great tunes while we cook over a fire… that is assuming there is no internet signal anywhere…but then what if there is internet service? Ahhhh do you feel that? The pull of needing to be connected is calling our names…to post, to tweet, to show, to text, to Tublr or StumblUpon. 

A little Instagram to soothe the soul or some Face-booking to show how in touch with nature you are and out of touch with the “in touch” world? hmmm Maybe just one quick tweet? 

If we are going to cheat a little bit, then we should at least do it using environmentally responsible and user friendly solar power. 

There are small kits, big kits, roll-able kits, fold-able kits, kits that are less than 1 lb and some the size of a banner and weight of a bag of sugar. Pack-able, portable, durable.  

They are easy. They are affordable. They are the future. They are your future. 

They are the right thing to do.

Be Solar Inspired. 


Author: californiapc

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